Tibetan Singing bowl course


Tibetan singing bowl teacher training certification course will help participants to master all the skills of healing relaxation and chakra balancing. Participants will get enough knowledge to heal others.


Get healed by vibration. Himalayan singing bowls will generate healing sound and vibrations they can travel through minute nerves and activate them. Singing bowls help to heal insomnia, Parkinsons, pains and other health issues through vibes.    


Singing bowls sound will help to release stress, healing, chakra balancing, sound meditation leads the strong coordination of mind & soul. This will lead to increase immunity, memory power & focus.    

Singing bowl certification course 

Singing bowl course will provide clear knowledge on playing the bowl,  generating divine sound, healing & meditation. Siningib bowl certification helps to work as a healer, sound therapist, & meditation teacher, it is highly recommended for yoga teachers.  

singing bowl course Level - I

Introduction to Singing Bowls
Generating sound
Playing single & multiple bowls
Personal healing
Meditation for single & group
Philosophy of Singing Bowl

singing bowl course level - II

Seven Chekra healing
Healing for children
Healing for pregnant women
Healing for animals
Meditation for single & group
Philosophy of Singing Bowl

Malaysia, Penang

Penang is a beautiful & peaceful place to learn yoga with a lot of tourist locations. Nice food, temples, beaches practice yoga with fun. 

India, Goa

Goa is the high energetic place with lot of tourism. Sun, San & Beach makes goa is the best memorable location to do yoga, to relax, heal your self & stay connected with yourself.      

Benefits of Sound Therapy


Connecting with your higher self.
helps to cope with life challenges.
Increase vital energy flow & Motivation.
Makes positive changes to our Whole being.
Removes Blockages and Toxins.
Self-Regeneration, deep relaxation.
Stimulates endocrine glands.
Strengthens immune system.
Reduce pain & stress.