Rama Krishna Galla

E-RYT 500 & RPYT certified yoga teacher with 8+ years of teaching experience, started practicing yoga at the age of 6 years got trained by his grandfather with Himalayan lineage. As a senior yoga teacher, he trained more than 1000 yoga teachers. He strongly believes spreading yogic knowledge leads to peace & sustainable way of life.  


Yogic Skills



Rama Krishna’s  deep knowledge in Yoga & Hindhu philosophy makes him as a peculiar yoga teacher, he got special training in yogic philosophy by his grandfather for 5 years. He received that knowledge as it is and started spreading his spiritual knowledge. 

Rama’s teaching in unique and story-based approach make philosophy as a favorite subject for students. Each class has a theme proper beginning and conclusion this connective story approach with real-time examples simplifies the complexity of the subject, it helps easy to remember and fun while learning.  


scorpion pose


I started practicing yoga at the age of 6 years under the guidance of my grandfather. Yoga is gifted to our family by Himalayan saint while he passing through our village, my grandfather received training under his guidance.  I got deeply connected with yoga and developed lot of interest in the advanced practice, in long run it uplifted me as an advanced yoga teacher. In my long career, I have realized that capability of a trainer in doing advanced postures doesn’t help in the progress of students, so I have developed my own simplified and safe method of teaching.

In my view of teaching yoga is not pushing few known postures, it is a divine process of establishing the spiritual connection. Understanding clients requirements and guiding them on the right path is an authentic way of teaching yoga 



Mediation is a divine approach to fine inner self, peace, and joy of life. Rama’s meditation classes help to connect with inner soul, remove all unnecessary thoughts. He is expert in guiding practitioners to higher spiritual planes in meditation. He will teach chakra meditation, kundalini meditation, astral travel, yoga nidra and spiritual awakening meditation.    

singing bowl

Sound Therapy 

Rama Krishna is a certified sound healer, received this knowledge in Nepal from an experienced master. In the course, he realized the power of sound & vibration in healing. He will conduct Tibetan singing bowl certification course, bowl meditation, sound healing & chakra balancing. 

Singing Bowl


Graduated From College

Finished my graduation in Computer Science of engineering 2010 and MBA – IT Management in 2017. Yoga teacher training in 2012.

Established Sahasrara Yoga School

As a senior yoga teacher, I conducted many teacher training courses and certified thousands of yoga teachers. Transformed many yoga practitioners as yoga teacher around the globe.

Styles of Teaching

Professional in teaching Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Sound Therapy, Prenatal Yoga & Meditation. 


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Goa, India